Lottery Result: 3 Ways To Use Lottery Results To Win The Lotto

Lottery Result:  3 Ways To Use Lottery Results To Win The Lotto

If you type in the Lottery result of your state, you will be able to see the winning lottery result of your favorite lotto games. Duh, everyone knows that! Yes everyone knows that; but did you know how the lottery result can actually help you win the lotto? In this post, we discuss that very thing. We will show you 3 ways to use lottery results to help you win the lotto today.

Let’s dive right in, and get started.

Number 1

Make a spread sheet of the lotto drawings provided by your state. Depending on your game of choice, you may have two sets of numbers drawn for each day. Your object is to list each set of winning numbers drawn for 30 days, for each drawing. At the end of the 30 days, you are going to provide a tally of the most chosen numbers for that month. You are going to play the lottery result numbers that have shown that month to have the highest tally in chosen frequency. Simply stated, use only the numbers that have been picked the most.

Do not play your favorite numbers, but the numbers that came from the lottery result that month. If you apply this tip you will increase your chances of winning the lotto game you frequently play, by over 60%.

Number 2

Perform a search of the most commonly drawn lotto numbers for your particular lotto games of choice. Next get the lottery result percentages for the winning numbers lottery result from your states Lotto website. See if there is any number correlations that are the same. If there is, use those numbers as your playing numbers. This little tip is extremely effective in winning the lotto, and does very well in fewer number games, such as Pick 3 and Pick 4 games.

Number 3

Use the lottery result of your game of choice in a lotto system. Create one on your own, or utilize one from a known winner. In fact, if you click here you will find a guy who claims you can win 9 out of 10 games by utilizing his system. I know, it sounds to good to be true, but its worth the effort of going to to see if he is at least telling the truth.

Play Lottery: 5 Strategies to Play Lottery and Win Regularly!

Play Lottery: 5 strategies to play lottery and win regularly!

Play lottery is the motto for the lotto board, governed in each of the 50 United States. Although the play lottery motto is great for providing funding for public education, the individuals playing the lotto want to win. This post addresses that very desire, as we give you 5 strategies to play lottery and win at the lotto regularly.


Strategy number 1
Set a budget each month to play lottery. To win the game, you have to be disciplined as well as lucky. Having a budget allows you to accomplish this.


Strategy Number 2
Always use a computer pick when playing games, with 5 or more numbers. This simple strategy will gain you more wins on a monthly basis, than simply using your numbers.


Strategy Number 3
Play lottery as a team. There is strength in numbers. Find several individuals who share your passion and play lottery with them. This simple strategy increases your winning percentage by nearly 80%.

Strategy Number 4
Play lottery games that have increasing better odds. Two games that come to mind is the Pick 3 or Pick 4 games. The jackpots are smaller, but if you apply an easy pick with your favorite numbers, your odds of winning increase by 90%.


Strategy Number 5
There is a select group of lotto individuals who win the lotto consistently, and they all use systems. In order to win regularly, take a play book from the winners and purchase a lottery system. You can find one here by clicking on .The guy on the website guarantees a win 9 out of 10 games played, by utilizing his system. Its definitely worth taking a look at, see if he is telling the truth.

Odds Of Winning The Powerball: 3 Quick Tips To Move The Powerball Odds In Your Favor

Odds of Winning The Powerball: 3 quick tips to move the Powerball odds in your favor!

As you already know, the odds of winning the Powerball are drastically not in your favor! However, this should not discourage you since the jackpot for the Powerball is in the multimillion’s. In this post, we at lotto investment want you to win. So we are giving you 3 quick tips to move the odds in your favor, and get you higher winning percentages in the Powerball game.

Quick Tip Number 1

Never rely on your favorite numbers as the only numbers you play for the Powerball. By just utilizing your own numbers the odds of winning the Powerball become as likely as you getting struck by lightning, 4 times in one day.

The better course of action is to play your winning numbers and purchase an easy or computer pick to play alongside your numbers. This increases your odds of winning the Powerball by over 60%. The extra $1.50 may seem expensive, but the winning percentage increase will surely make up for the extra expense.


Quick Tip Number 2

Winning Powerball numbers reflect a range of numbers that consist of low, medium and high. To increase your odds of winning the Powerball dramatically, your numbers should correlate with this fact. Be sure if you are going to utilize personal numbers have them reflect a range as such 4,15,25, 38,6, 59.

It is also a good idea to go online for your state, and find out what numbers show a high percentage in frequently came up. You should change or alter your favorite numbers to reflect these numbers, in order to increase your odds of winning the Powerball .

Quick Tip Number 3

Regular Powerball winners function and win by utilizing a system. In order to get the odds of winning the Powerball in your favor you need to obtain or develop a winning system. Here is an effective system, if you don’t have one it is .The guy on the website guarantees a win 9 out of 10 games played, by utilizing his system. Its definitely worth taking a look at , see if he is telling the truth.

June Lottery Results: Winning Lottery Results


574-861 favor these tickets between the 1st & 7th.
498-352 combinations should be best between the 8th & 14th.
617-819 You should invest on dates between the 15th & 22nd.
224-696 are expected between the 23rd & 30th.

Lottery Results FOR JUNE LOTTERY
Three Digit Specials 574, 861, 498, 352, 617, 819, 224, 696
From the 1st – 10th 374, 610, 947, 860, 070
From the 11th – 21st 968, 487, 312, 956, 414
From the 22nd – 31st 713, 519, 168, 907, 525
Four-Digit Specials 5095, 9762, 2143, 1458
Five-Digit Specials 09-10-16-19-2604-13-26-32-33
Lotto Specials 01-16-28-32-37-4113-25-24-27-35-37
Win 4 Life Combinations 03-07-21-22-27-39(04)06-14-20-29-36-37(16)
Power/Mega Special Picks 07-19-26-35-47 (13)25-27-31-38-39 (09)
June Daily Vibrations June Daily Vibrations
1 360-641-595-2071 16 065-814-227-2965
2 468-780-336-7861 17 206-839-575-0458
3 673-418-454-1502 18 028-597-009-3417
4 817-957-771-3056 19 409-895-116-4610
5 787-095-337-4690 20 507-376-339-9916
6 581-725-344-1963 21 079-648-006-6782
7 198-173-686-0164 22 879-215-070-8934
8 267-962-800-7039 23 068-897-979-0213
9 856-793-848-2740 24 879-842-388-6987
10 485-179-224-8797 25 570-745-010-7074
11 397-502-188-0918 26 379-839-767-7862
12 934-325-866-0579 27 926-793-313-8184
13 795-723-050-3569 28 670-512-525-5108
14 179-608-353-4758 29 069-624-858-8671
15 279-264-959-7580 30 975-107-383-0876

Gemini Lottery Results: Winning Lottery Numbers



If you were born between May 21 and June 20, the sign Gemini rules this period. You who were born under this sign are given to versatility. You are contradictory. You are also readily influenced through your sympathies. You have a tendency to worry over unimportant matters and your imagination is sometimes too active. You are dignified and reserved and have a sympathetic disposition.
Your financial affairs are controlled by the sign of Cancer and ruled by the moon. Your lack of stability may seriously handicap you; strive to overcome this. You are industrious and lazy; happy and miserable; very good and very bad. Your friends find you hard to fathom. You love to travel but once arrived you love to be on your way again. Everything loses its value once you have attained it. You are more inspirational than logical. Your important affairs should be undertaken in April and August. Friday is your most fortunate day. Your most opportune periods for affairs of the heart are January 16th to 22nd, and March 20th to 26th.
Symbol:               The Twins
Favorable Day:    Friday
Your Star:             Mercury
Jewels:                 Emerald Pearl
Flower:                  Lily of the Valley
Your Color:           Brown
Favorable Digits: 802-099-870-266-599
Major:                    512-613-593
Minor:                    065-268-316-3-23-43

May Lottery Results: May Winning Picks



576, 412 First 8 days, straight-boxed.
567, 862 Between the 7th & 15th.
961, 257 Between the 9th & 15th.
091843 Between the 16th & 23rd.
050776  just before and after Memorial Day.
Pay close attention to the COMBO of 5657

May Daily Vibrations May Daily Vibrations
1 689-179-040-6185 16 784-165-224-4210
2 087-420-595-7301 17 892-469-331-5204
3 758-986-644-6579 18 297-108-060-8305
4 976-234-117-8795 19 642-782-655-1860
5 952-806-080-7986 20 079-857-667-2574
6 105-651-332-6732 21 829-753-500-0896
7 421-574-933-0739 22 978-796-334-7385
8 361-264-552-7046 23 148-530-255-8610
9 179-597-661-3523 24 412-406-977-0957
10 537-619-588-0759 25 681-203-454-1580
11 046-792-223-6270 26 624-370-144-6418
12 453-041-699-7894 27 482-153-800-7680
13 609-715-277-0756 28 809-079-494-0493
14 809-964-884-6320 29 357-984-211-8627
15 256-624-434-2148 30 791-210-991-0706
    31 953-758-007-4024

Four Digit Specials 1730-0953-6450
From the 1st – 10th 346-521-603-956-900
From the 11th – 21st 961-034-689-502-811
From the 22nd – 31st 091 -843-694-752-505
Four-Digit Specials 2065-1847-8290-6233
Five-Digit Specials 11-13-14-21-28, 10-17-24-30-31
Lotto Specials 12-28-31-32-37-40, 05-12-24-25-29-31
Win 4 Life Combinations 04-06-15-21-25-33(09), 09-12-21-27-28-35(11)
Power/Mega Special Picks 15-27-35-42-49(20), 08-16-28-34-38(15)




If you were born between April 21 and May 20, you begin life under Taurus, giving you much courage, self reliance and intuition, very generous and unaffected sincerity which makes for you many friends. The first part of each month is unfavorable in many ways. Avoid making decisions of legal  importance on the fourth, and do not sign any papers or make secret agreements on the fifth and sixth. Your friendships are controlled by the sign of Pisces and ruled by the planet Neptune. This indicates that you have a dynamic and magnetic personality. You should succeed in the fields of finance as well as politics. You have a love for home and the beautiful; but with you, work is the most important thing. You are a very good friend for anyone to possess as you stick to those whom you love to the bitter end. The most important things that are necessary for your happy existence are beauty and harmonious surroundings. You should plan your important undertakings for May and June, which are your favorable months. Friday is your best day.

Symbol: The Bull
Your Star: Venus
Jewels Diamond: Emerald
Flower: Sweet Pea
Your Color: Orchid
Your favorable days are: 18-20-26-27.
Your unfavorable days are: 4-5-6-19-21.
Favorable Digits: 996-893-706-308-317

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April lottery

APRIL Daily Vibrations APRIL Daily Vibrations
1 459-657-080-7824 16 206-157-343-2506
2 360-781-868-0213 17 370-105-998-1204
3 057-084-006-3415 18 708-926-100-7532
4 976-623-225-8796 19 247-603-522-8540
5 856-107-505-3291 20 891-710-344-4827
6 234-543-779-0852 21 168-893-121-4719
7 126-078-669-7094 22 205-028-616-0231
8 687-865-331-8200 23 016-981-667-8145
9 092-412-525-4245 24 745-719-533-4512
10 873-342-447-6720 25 215-480-799-7598
11 975-609-003-4328 26 612-168-554-3219
12 183-704-881-6082 27 059-408-020-4267
13 497-812-050-7969 28 685-392-212-2140
14 851-236-770-5310 29 789-583-313-5068
15 206-157-343-2506 30 926-594-696-9721

Three Digit Specials 263-849-906-259-867-931-233-663
From the 1st – 10th 879-479-263-150-334
From the 11th – 22nd 865-347-960-157-661
From the 23rd – 30st 146-253-698-706-585
Four-Digit Specials 8396-5670-4021-3871
Five-Digit Specials 01-09-16-18-25


Lotto Specials 11-18-21-25-32-41


Win 4 Life Combinations 06-10-15-26-30-33(19)


Power/Mega Special Picks 16-24-36-37-45(13)


ARIES Winning Numbers: Lottery Results for Aries


If you were born between March 22 and April 20, you are under the ascendancy of Aries. Your nature is somewhat stormy. Your personality is controlled by the sign of Aries and is ruled by the Planet Mars. This indicates that you are naturally energetic, industrious and possess good executive ability. Take advantage of any opportunities that may present themselves to advance yourself both socially and financially. You are extremely tempera- mental and will have many love affairs. Your reasoning is clear and positive and not easily influenced by others. You are a born leader and chafe under order. Generous and true to the few you love, not much inclined to sympathize with the weakness of others. There appears to be some trouble in store for you from time to time; however, good judgement and careful consideration of your problems will help you to avoid any serious consequences. You have an inquiring mind and like to try things for yourself.

 Most favorable Months:  June and July
Most favorable Day:  Tuesday is your favorable day.
Symbol:  The Ram.
Your Star:  Mars.
Jewels:  Bloodstone, Diamond.
Flower:  Jonquil.
Your Color:  Red.
Your favorable days are: 16-26-28-30.
Your unfavorable days are: 5-6-17-22-27.
Favorable Digits: 930-222-682-910-060



584-079 Mondays and Wednesdays.
813-263 Wednesdays and Thursdays.
280-697 Fridays and weekends.
588-262 588 1st 2 weeks of March and
play 262 the last 2 weeks.      

MARCH Daily Vibs MARCH Daily Vibs
1 071-426-030-0321 16 274-347-144-3504
2 129-082-292-6804 17 524-479-484-9610
3 354-790-202-1423 18 279-102-455-4797
4 697-125-225-0485 19 013-415-744-9824
5 198-534-600-6893 20 640-795-887-3476
6 417-908-771-0129 21 047-857-033-6709
7 096-250-020-8750 22 289-035-020-5243
8 321-051-989-2528 23 327-642-922-4352
9 372-078-966-9821 24 986-768-011-2968
10 098-649-338-1542 25 938-403-737-9780
11 309-869-070-6451 26 245-103-440-9641
12 407-304-005-3296 27 519-367-868-6787
13 526-805-177-5823 28 703-982-454-1743
14 389-764-800-6072 29 735-862-277-2496
15 103-072-336-7398 30 103-471-466-7819
    31 791-253-010-4350
Three Digit Specials 584-079-813


From the 1st – 10th 241-585-670-136-282
From the 11th – 22nd 061-892-051-618-373
From the 23rd – 31st 579-286-920-081-554
Four-Digit Specials 6154-5390-1386-2742
Five-Digit Specials 08-09-13-18-26


Lotto Specials 04-07-16-25-36-39


Win 4 Life Combinations 10-17-24-30-35-40(08)


Power/Mega Special Picks 14-27-39-40-42(09)


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